simple steps to getting your ex back

People tend to temporarily dumb down a little coming off of breakups and that’s why most people who get dumped have a hard time getting their ex back. The departure of one’s lover sends a flood of emotions which impedes an individual’s ability to think rationally. If you’ve been dumped recently and you want your ex back, follow these simple steps to getting your ex back and stop letting your emotions control your every decision.
Step 1. Slowing is good. Chasing after your ex right after the breakup will only drive your ex further away. Time is your friend and you must leave your ex alone for at least a month or so.
Step 2. Needy is a major turnoff. As the old saying goes, “nobody needs the needy” and this couldn’t truer in your case. It is absolutely crucial that you do not let your ex know that you want him or her back. If you have already made this mistake, stop it right now and you might still have a chance to make this work. Just remember that the more desperate you are, the less likely your ex will come back to you.
Step 3. Cut off contact. Put yourself in your ex’s shoes and just imagine for a second that the boyfriend or the girlfriend you dumped keeps calling you. It can’t be a pleasant thing now could it? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the constant phone calls, texts, or e-mails would just turn you into a stalker eventually. Once you cross that line between that of a grieving ex and an ex turned stalker, there is no going back, so stop contacting your ex.
Step 4. Let go of the negative emotions. You are hurt and you are lonely, there are lots of negative feelings in you right now and you need to purge them all before you attempt to get your ex back. Think of what you are trying to do as in starting anew with your ex rather than going back to the way things were. You need to move on from your current breakup if you intend to start things all over again with your ex.
Step 5. Be open to dating someone new. This attitude will not only help you approach your ex in an effective manner, but it will also allow you to move onto something new in the event things don’t work out with your ex. You have to realize that you can be happy even without your ex and ironically that realization will give you the best shot at getting your ex back.